Eleven Fifty Four


Radio Time Signal & Tone Generator

In olden times, time was abstract and fleeting.
Now, time is our master.

Hear its pips and synchronize yourself to the beat.
Let your heart become the clock.
Boop. Boop. Boooooop.

Pips is a tone sequence generator inspired by the alluring & mysterious Greenwich Time Signal and its countless friends broadcast around the world. Both amateur and professional pip connoisseurs have the power to recreate time signals of yore or innovate new combinations of boops that will delight the world's radio lovers and keep things in sync. Become time by becoming boop. This is your goal.


  • Build a sequence of one or more custom pips and play them through your device.
  • Control the frequency, duration, and volume of your pips so people of all ages can keep their clocks on time.
  • Use our built in presets to kickstart your new pip-filled existence.

Pips will give you the power to tame time by delineating it in your own personal style.
Synchronize yourself, your family, your life.
You control time now.